Thursday, December 13, 2012

My "Only Child"

My darling first born.  My "only child".  My baby Isabelle.
It's hitting home now, that soon my little wiggly belly being will be Earth side and promote my once only child to big sister.
What will happen to our precious one on one time?  The morning, noon, and nighttime snuggles.  Her sweet whispers of "covers Mama" when she wants some sit down time on my lap.  What will come of her coveted space in between Mama and Daddy in our bed?  How will she handle such a change?  As a child who appreciates order during her day, how will this new little person fit in the balance of her toddler world?

Her soon to be sister was dreamed of and prayed for.  After heart aches along the journey to add an addition to our family, Fiona's growing life is a cherished blessing for us.  A much anticipated arrival indeed.  I daydream about welcoming a small nursling back into our lives and watching Isabelle flourish as a big sister.  

I'm not worried about the amount of love we can manage in this household, I know that love multiplies.  But any mother expecting to welcome a new life is allowed a hormonal mixed bag of emotions.
This really is a magic time, I have a new life growing and moving inside of me, a sweet girl who manages to teach me daily, a husband who is just as excited as I am, and a family full of the same love and anticipation that was given during Isabelle's pregnancy.

 I'm looking forward to our new family adventure but I'd be fibbing if I didn't admit that I'm enjoying every precious moment that Isabelle's toddler arms are wrapped around my neck in a quick embrace.  With everything in parenting, these sacred moments are numbered, passing all too quickly.
My precious only child, I adore every moment of being your mother and I thank you for the gift of motherhood.  My teacher in so many things, life, love, faith... my love for you grows every second.  I know you are ready for this journey and I'm honored that your father and I get to share it with you.


  1. It made me feel so old the day she walked up to me in Target and said, "nice to meet you 'shell" But she's too adorable and Fiona will be too :)

    1. <3 Thank you, it's happening so fast. She's going to seem even bigger when I bring baby peanut Fiona home! How did we get old enough for these things to be blog topics anyway? ;-)


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