Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sugar Rush

The cake orders have been pouring in!  Here are a few:

It's been a blessing to be so busy!  Isabelle has enjoyed being my "helper" for a lot of these cakes.  Lots of stolen cake tops and fondant pieces.

She's One! *sniffle*

Happy birthday Fiona!!

My darling baby, you are a beautifully chubby, perfect girl.  I love every inch of your growing personality.  Every ounce of your spunk keeps me on my toes and giggling constantly.  You're strong, physically and emotionally, you know how hold your own, even with the big kids.

You stole my heart the moment I knew you were in my belly and again when you finally arrived Earthside and I saw every delicious roll and that gorgeous pout.

You are a treasure in our family.  A bright spark in any room.  We adore you.  You elevated Isabelle's status to "big sister", a title she thoroughly cherishes.  You are a blessing, a gift from God.

Happy birthday my darling Fiona!


She's toddling along now.  Bright shining eyes and big baby toothed grin, waddling toward me and pointing.  All while chanting "Urse? Uuurrse??"

Some people may say "when they are old enough to ask for it, they are too old".  But I simply disagree.  What a joy for a mother and baby to miss out on.  "Urse" is Fiona's way of asking to nurse.  She'll walk towards me with her chubby legged baby stomp of a walk, pointing and saying "Urse? Uuurse?"  And I melt.

How precious this time is.  How fleeting.  I won't be this needed again for a long time and as she grows, my methods of comforting her with a simple touch and without a word will be more difficult.  For right now, only I can fill that comforting need and I don't mind being on call to do so.

We'll leave out all of the overwhelming evidence supporting extended breastfeeding and just say this:  If it brings you both joy, comfort, and a stronger bond, then forget the rest and listen to your mothering heart.  You're far from alone.

I wish this kind of love for everyone.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm Coming Back

I took a hiatus from writing.  There were many reasons, one being that my sleep is a precious commodity. Two, after installing a tracker and could see exactly where my page visits were coming from, my husband requested that I take time away to let some people lose interest.  And third, and most importantly focusing all of my extra energy into making our new house a home a building memories with my family.

I look forward to adding blogging back into my nightly unwind routine.  Until the nest update, sweet dreams!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Darling Isabelle is 3! (Update from May 2013)

My sweet darling girl turned three this spring, and she gracefully made the transition. I still have heart pangs when I see a glimmer of that baby face peeking out from her now more child like face.  She is 100% girl, loves everything pink, cute, and cuddly.

For her 3rd birthday she settled on  a Dora theme.  Sticking to our backyard birthday style we decided to have a Dora extravaganza!

Happy birthday my darling!!!

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