Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bump update! 30 almost 31 weeks

Tomorrow I'll be 31 weeks along!  It still hasn't sunk in exactly how close we are to the pregnancy finish line.  The holidays are keeping us so busy that I really don't have time to dwell on much else.  Also, for my pregnancy with Isabelle I was "half way" (20 weeks) at Christmas time, with that so fresh in my mind I think I'm subconsciously telling myself we have more time... when we don't.

On with the update!
Last week Isabelle and I suffered a horrible GI tract bug, not the flu so thankfully it  was quick in passing.  Being sick is awful, being sick while pregnant is miserable, and being sick while pregnant and also having a miserable feeling little one is almost torture.

My symptoms presented first with a fever.  Fearing that the kidney infection was back I had to make a visit to the midwife for a urine culture.  After a not so fun visit, where I was made to wear a mask for as long as I was in the building, the first sampling came back negative for infection.  I got a call a few days later saying that the culture had also come back clear.  By this time Isabelle had developed a similar fever and symptoms and I knew we had a bug anyway.
(And for the record, I hope you never have to be checked for any type of infection where they culture your urine.  It's rather uncomfortable and I'll let you in on a secret: they go and get their sample straight from the source.  Also not fun while pregnant).

Being made to wear a surgical mask while fighting nausea is beyond aggravating.  Breathing in your own hot stale air does absolutely nothing to fight the urge to get sick.  That explains my very annoyed expression in the above photo.
Isabelle was a trooper and didn't have a severe version of the bug.  She never topped what I would consider a low grade fever and only threw up once.  (I'm fairly certain she only got sick because she was playing very hard while feeling yucky).  But, whenever you're feeling blue, Mimi back scratches are extremely crucial.

29 weeks and ready for bed.

 It took many attempts for the 30 week picture:
30 weeks and Isabelle wants in the picture.
I was happy with this one but Corey insisted I wasn't turned far enough to the side.
Taking a break from posing.  And yes, that's a maternity shirt. 

Finally, a "this will do" picture.  30 weeks and attempting to hide that little bit of lower belly trying to show itself from under my shirt.

I am measuring almost 6 weeks ahead.  My midwife is wanting to get an ultrasound to check and see exactly how big of a baby we're talking about, I declined.  I fell for that with Isabelle.  Basically it's a ploy to justify inducing me early.  "You're measuring larger and you have a large baby, I think we should go ahead and induce." Nope.  Not again.  Fiona is healthy and although she is large I have perfect levels after taking my second glucose test, so I'm in no hurry to help hasten her arrival.  She'll come when she's ready, even if that's 42 weeks.

Some fantastic news: I am at my pre-pregnancy weight!!  I still haven't "gained" any weight, but I'm back to where I'm not really behind the eight ball.  With Isabelle I was 35 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight at the time of delivery, so this is a BIG leap in the right direction.  I am so looking forward to maybe being able to actually put on some pregnancy weight.  I'm interested in a weird science experiment way to see what the result of a more healthy delivery weight will mean for Fiona and her size.  Everything else is the same.  All of the medications and treatments haven't changed.  My HG symptoms are flaring due to the back pain that my midwife is associating with (what she thinks are) small kidney stones.  I'm feeling pretty darn good and looking forward to getting Fiona's nursery in order.  And not to leave Isabelle out, she will also be getting a room revamp.  But more on that later!

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