Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just a Note...

So, I'm not sure about other mothers, but as for me, pregnancy brain is real.  I quickly forget things and I can't tell you how often I've walked into a room or out to the car to do/get something and I can't recall for the life of me what it was.  I'm putting paper towels in the refrigerator and craving Gerber's baby food bananas.  Totally losing it over here.  Thankfully, Isabelle is such a diligent helper, I manage to use her enthusiasm to fuel me throughout the day.  What a blessing she is to me, the Lord really placed just who I needed in my arms the day she was born!

So before I forget here's a thought I've had more than once:

You know the scales where you step up and the nurse slides the big counter weight over and then uses the top weight counter weight to pinpoint your exact weight?  If I were a nurse I would ALWAYS be stingy with the bottom big counter weight!  I step up on that thing and the ever diligent nurse just skips right over that "150" notch.  Really?  Come on sister, let's be friends.  I know she does this countless times a day and is a pro and the estimating process, but think of it as a random act of kindness.
photo credit: here
Now after that self indulgent rant I must say that I am proud to announce I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight!  31 weeks pregnant and I'm no longer in the red.  I am so thankful for this so I really can't complain too much.  I'm looking forward to maybe gaining some healthy pregnancy baby weight for the remainder, I started this pregnancy knowing what lay ahead as far as HG complications so I am intentionally overweight *ahem*.  A healthy weight gain for me probably tops out at around 15 pounds (not the typical 25 to 35).  If I hadn't had "reserves" for Isabelle's pregnancy I seriously may not have made it.

So here's to your weight, whatever your number may be!  Celebrate it and be happy in it.  My extra cushion has saved me twice now and for that I am thankful!  My padding has a purpose and so does yours, don't waste time hating something that could quite literally save your life.  God loves you and your cellulite! (I may have to needlepoint that onto a pillow).


  1. Seeing your image of that scale makes me very happy that our doc's office uses digital!!! I might not have the patience to be nice that you do haha. And I'll take one of those needlepoints ;)

    1. I could probably make a million if I took the time to trademark that saying!!


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