Saturday, December 15, 2012

32 weeks: The Ugly Truth: HG Diary Update

30 weeks on the farm
Technically 31 weeks and 6 days
31 weeks

31 weeks and part of the Simmons Family Tinkerbell Gang.

Man, what a ride.  I'm fairly certain that this pregnancy feels so different because for Isabelle I was a sickly mess, bedridden, and in a deep depression thanks to HG.  This time I'm getting to experience what I can only assume is the normal hormonal surge most pregnant women deal with.

And on that note, God bless my poor poor husband.  As a woman who is normally emotionally well balanced, he witnessed a pregnancy hormone induced temper tantrum of epic proportions last night.  After the huge surge of emotions subsided I felt like such a child, so embarrassed, and wondering how in the world that just happened. (It should be noted that Isabelle was in bed and our house is a complete disaster because of all of the baby prep construction going on.)  I didn't take my pregnant fury out on Corey, but he did witness me crying and ranting while on a tirade through the house attempting to clean as I went. (Admittedly, I was probably just throwing things in/at the sink and/or hamper not really accomplishing any cleaning).  When my 5 minute tirade started to wind down (aka the hormones returning to somewhat normal levels - I could feel it happening, it was beyond bizarre), I found myself bawling in the laundry room.  Corey, very cautiously entered the room, kissed me on the forehead and said "the mess is bothering me too honey, I'm going to go get you some ice cream".  Feeling so foolish and as if I had just terrorized him I just sunk deep into his embrace and apologized. (over and over and over).  The man deserves a medal.
32 weeks
32 weeks
Also out of character, I included a few more bump pictures and *gasp* a bare belly photo.  Here's my reasoning:

I am dreadfully tired of seeing perfectly photo shopped pregnancy bellies.  This is my second pregnancy making it to 32 weeks and I have stretch marks.  Go figure.  I also have some extra skin because I only carry in front and get huge.  So instead of covering up what some may think is an "over share" I decided to put it on here.  Pregnant or not, if you haven't a single stretch mark or a tummy full at least those who do will see that it's completely normal!  Take that photo shop!

And medically:

My midwife wants to order another ultrasound to rule out twins since I'm measuring so far ahead.  This of course warranted a huge eye roll from me because I've been here before.  There is only one baby.  She's just large, end of story.  I was duped into an ultrasound with Isabelle so they could justify an early induction.  Not happening again.  They are just going to have to take my word for it.

As far as my HG symptoms, they are returning somewhat.  I'm not sure if it's because reaching a new stage in pregnancy is proving to make the medicine less effective or if it's simply because I have so much more blood volume at this point it's losing effectiveness because of that.  I have still managed to gain 3 pounds so we're not worried about it yet.

We are less than 2 months away now!  HOLY MOLY HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!  I am feeling less anxiety about Fiona's arrival than I am about all of the holiday festivities and company coming to stay with us in a guest room that looks like an episode of hoarders.  My next post will most likely be an update with everything we have accomplished.  It's completely necessary for me.


  1. Don't let those nurses bully you!! It's your body and you know what's best!

    On another note, I think you have a gorgeous baby belly. My tummy is COVERED in stretch marks and I wouldn't trade them for the world. They're my love stripes I call them. ;)

  2. Thanks Mama! <3 We'll see if I still have the guts to post a belly picture closer to the due date when things start to get real! ;-)

  3. I would show anyone and everyone my stretchmark filled tummy when I was pregnant. My beautiful baby was in there! My amazing tummy is where my daughter lived. It was her home and it is perfect, no matter what it looks like on the outside. You only have the opportunity to grow a human a few times in your life. The female body is so incredible for even being able to create life. Sorry your starting to feel crappy again. Keep your chin up momma! I was a crazy hormonal wreck before/during and ESPECIALLY after pregnancy ;) It's only natural.


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