Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deck the Halls!

So I've been talking about how we've updated the downstairs with new paint, furniture, and window treatments.  A process that has taken about 6 months, financially we can only afford a little at time.  I'm finally able to put up pictures of the new living area but we've already decorated for Christmas.  So it's a house update and a Christmas feel good update!
The Christmas setting.  My older sister gave me the Santa plate and I love it!

The stockings were hung with care.  This is also how we heat the house, our wood stove, if you can put a wood stove in your home - do it.  The heat is so incredible, we're talking warm your bones heat.  There isn't a way for me to get a good picture of it with the camera I'm using, but the ceiling fan pictured used to be a bright brass color and had individual globes.  Corey took it down, painted it a flat black and removed the 4 globes and switched it to one large globe, adding a ceiling medallion when he mounted it back.
Finally a proper home for our fine china.   When we first moved in we had a designated formal dining room, complete with my Nana's antique mahogany china cabinet.  But with the addition of little people, the dining set got the boot to storage to make room for bouncers and play area. 

The family photo wall.  And yes, that's a mistletoe ball  hanging from the fan pull :-)  I get my kisses however I can.  I really wanted some oval frames for the photo wall but they were very expensive.  So I just stuck with traditional frames.  However, I am planning on a family silhouette project to dress up the stairway and I will be splurging on them then.

The clothes basket on the floor holds extra firewood.  Not necessarily a decorative accent but it's extremely functional.  I actually have a reason for the shorter sheers:  If you notice there is a baseboard heater just under the window, I felt that the curtains are thick enough to withstand the heater but it scared me to have sheers resting on it.  We never use baseboard heat when we're home, but when we leave to visit family we turn them on just the keep the house from turning into an igloo while we're away.

I fell in love with these curtains at Target.  They inspired the whole transformation.  I think they are called Farrah fretwork blue.  The double curtain rods and curtain hold backs I ordered online with a Kohl's sale. (By the way, how flipping expensive are new window treatments!?  It was painful to order them.  I'll have these curtains forever.)

This was Corey's idea.  It used to be a primitive shudder in a rustic green that held this twig ball things.   It wasn't going to match anymore so he painted it black and had the idea that we could decorate for the seasons.  Super creative guy.  I'm lucky.

You may notice that the tree is a little top heavy with ornaments.  That's thanks to Isabelle plucking them off one by one to play with, when she returns them to me I just hang them higher up.  She picked the ribbon.  I'm not sure when I started using a ribbon instead of a star but I thought it's be a great way for her to have a little input during the decorating process.  We ended up with lilac ribbon that is covered in purple and silver Christmas trees.

I really have to thank the husband for so much of this.  His "honey do" list is pretty extensive because there really isn't anything I can think of that he can't build himself or fix.  I'm pretty spoiled.  Thanks babe!

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Hi was wondering what color was used on your walls? Thanks


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