Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Our holiday season has been jam packed full of family visits and dinners.  Now that things are a little more settled, I am able to manage a photo blog.  We forgot our camera to Memaw and Pepaw's house so unfortunately that gathering isn't documented here, but I assure you it was a good one!

Nana and Grandpap came to visit:

Making rice krispie treats for Santa's reindeer with Grandpap and Nana.

Nana and Isabelle buttering them up and squishing into place.
 Christmas Eve at Mimi and Papa's:

My siblings: my older brother, older sister, and younger sister. Such doting Uncle and Aunts. 

This picture cracks me up every time.  My Dad and Mom are photo bombed by a Home Alone commercial.

Playing with Isabelle's new learning tablet.  Her favorite app being the "puppy game"
 Christmas Eve night:

Daddy's favorite.

My favorite.

All of the Grandparent's favorite.
Christmas morning at our house:

Wiping away the sleepers to see what Santa left.

The easel that Grandpap made for her was the show stopper, she went straight to work.

My child is crafty like her Mama and gets giddy about art supplies.

"Mack! I can't believe it!"

Dollhouse play break.  Her adorable pajamas are a gift from her Nana.  Nana gets her Christmas Eve pajamas every year, I love that it's become a tradition.  So sweet.

Yes this painting center will live right in our dining room.  Why? Because I can clean and replace carpet and walls but not childhood memories.

Very proud of her art!

Watching the snowfall snuggled up with Daddy.

I hope your holiday season has been blessed!  As much as I love seeing all of our family and this season in general, I am very looking forward to things settling down as we finish up some nesting and enjoying our last weeks as a small family of three before Fiona arrives.

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