Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Thank God for parents. More specifically these two:
Photo Credit: Jessica Trimble
What a blessing to my life they are.  Who am I kidding?  A blessing to all of our lives.

Photo Credit: Jessica Trimble 2012
I'm clearly biased on this subject but I must say, that in my 24 years on this planet there doesn't exist another pair of people who have ever impressed me more.

I've watched them raise a blended family together without any of us truly feeling "blended".  I'm one of four, and I will admit that at times I feel as though my life choices have not always made me the easiest child to love and I'm probably responsible for more than just some sleepless nights.  And yet, here I sit, equally loved and equally cherished.
Photo Credit: Jessica Trimble
Quite possibly the two most selfless people.  I've seen them help my friends when they didn't have enough money to join a high school team.  I watched them devote years of their lives and their home to caring for my ailing grandparents.  Always so eager to give and to help.  I've seen Dad, the union president and a shift worker, lose valuable sleep to help co-workers and their families to receive hard earned benefits.  I've witnessed Mom stay awake for days on end caring for my grandparents, holding their hands, managing the slew of doctor's appointments.

I'll tell you what I haven't seen:  I've never seen them waiver from what's right and I've never seen them withhold love.
These two people are there for our family at a moments notice.  I'm forever grateful for the lessons I've been taught and the values they worked hard to demonstrate and instill in all of us.  Now that I'm in the very early stages of parenting I'm getting a glimpse of the devotion it takes to raise a family.  So it must be said: I love you. I'm thankful for you. I'm proud of you.  I'm proud you're mine.  I'd be lost without you.  Our little family would be lost without you.
Photo Credit: Jessica Trimble
Thank you for loving me  us.

The professional photo credits belong to Jessica Trimble, a fantastic photographer and she has her own blog as well, you can find her here: Heart on Homestead.  Thanks Jessica!

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