Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Know You're Parenting a Toddler When:

Toddlers, such amazing little sponges that fill your home with such joy.  They are sweet, demanding, adorable, hilarious little people who's little souls are just bubbling over with their own individual personality.  Yet, they are still young enough to be completely uninhibited and also share precious moments of their literal toddler logic.

They are heart stealers, once they've got you, you're hooked.  This little girl of mine is so amazing and along with parenting her, I have picked up a few realizations about raising a toddler.  Her are just a few gems...

You know you're parenting a toddler when:

  • Using the restroom with the door closed is a luxury.
  • Taking a shower by yourself is just so lonely.
  • You realize just how big your boobs are when your little laundry helper decides to wear your bra.  (salad bowls... literally salad bowls).
  • You start to see the many purposes of household things.  Oh you think that's just  an empty paper towel roll?  Wrong, it's a telescope and now we're pirates.
  • "Eww Mommy!  What's this???"  And you actually hold out your hand...
  • You've cupped your hands together to catch throw up.
  • I'm a napkin/tissue.  You get very used to the sly toddler coming into hug-slash-nose-wipe.
  • Any two similar objects can be in love.  "Look Momma, the punkins (pumpkins) are in looove"
  • Things come in three sizes: Daddy, Mommy, and Baby.
  • Toddler logic dictates that if you're in love - you're married.  And if you're married - there is a Daddy, Mommy, and Baby. Obviously.
  • They pick up your art of distraction.  I can see the thought process: Uh-oh.  I'm in trouble.  Quick something cute...something cute.... "Look Momma, I'm a bunny!"  complete with hops and nose wiggling.
  • They inadvertently tattle on you.  At the doctor's office yesterday: The nurse dropped a jar of cotton balls, *hands on her cheeks* "Oh my goodness gracious! What a mess!"
  • We're eating the same thing, but it's tastes so much better off of my plate.
  • One of my favorite things:  Exaggerated accents.  She sounds like such a little southern country bumpkin, it's awesome.
  • Toys have feelings.  "Mommy you stepped on Mickey! Kiss it all better"  And yes, I will kiss him and give my sincerest apology.
  • Kissing boo-boos really does make it all better.
  • Tea party time is sacred.
  • Having full conversations with other toys or imaginary people on a play phone.
  • Daddy can be a princess too.
  • You always have a little helper.  The time frame you had in mind to finish the task at hand may be extended, but it's hard to resist such enthusiasm to put dishes away.
Enjoy your little people today!

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