Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Vacation Together: Outer Banks, NC

What a fantastic getaway!  All thanks to Corey's Grandmother and Grandfather, the entire family gets to be together and share such a wonderful vacation.
Things Muffin loved:
  • "Baby" sea shells, only baby sea shells.
  • Turtles!  We came home with lots of baby turtle trinkets and she absolutely loved feeding the swarms or turtles from the boardwalk.
  • "We go pool!"  I'm slightly worried about how I am going to keep her from noticing we don't have a pool in our backyard. This kid loves the pool.
  • "Bounce!" There was this disc thing (an over sized Frisbee) that she kept putting in the water and insisted on jumping on over and over and over....
  • "Let's go to______'s room"  With everyone staying in one beach house it made for lots of little knocks on the door from Muffin trying to get inside. (I apologize that my daughter wakes up at 6 am, I know a little person knocking on your door that early is maddening.  Thanks for being good sports! - for the record I tried my best to keep her occupied... maybe ;-))
  • Ice cream!  The community had an ice cream truck with blaring music just taunting all of the children within hearing range.  Isabelle was no exception and her Aunt Nana loved to get baby girl her ice cream fix.
  • Holes in the sand.  If we dug a hole or trench in the sand, she would happily play in it for quite a while.
  • Kite watching.  Counting them, trying to see all of the colors, seeing how high in the sky they were.
  • Early mornings and late nights.  She was a champ the whole trip and normally here at our house she keeps her own little schedule.  But while on vacation, she kept different hours and enjoyed all of her attention all day (and all evening).

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