Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Holy Moly It's October! [20 and 21 weeks]

It's really hitting home today, we woke up and the house is still dark and any trace of early summer mornings are gone.  The windows in this old house are allowing the damp fall air to radiate through the glass, it's raining and cold outside.  I'm extremely sore but Isabelle is up and ready to get started on breakfast.  We shuffle downstairs.  Daddy remembered to start the heat before he left for work this morning and it instantly feels toasty when we round the corner, I send him a mental thank you.  Isabelle asks for oatmeal and in the kitchen she notices the floor is cool to her feet.  I see a can of pumpkin and I'm already pulling the ingredients from the cupboards to make pumpkin pie.  After I wake up a little bit this will be a fun project for us.  I pour my large morning glass of cold milk (I've never liked coffee), grab her now warm bowl of oatmeal and she's racing me to the couch.  We sit together and she asks for "covers" and snuggles in close to eat.

Well, hello October.  It's fall.  And as this always growing toddler reminds me daily, time isn't slowing down for us.  The nudging girl in my belly is growing at what seems like a quick pace as well.  Yesterday marked 22 weeks and it really is just rolling along.

20 weeks

21 weeks
The status of my care and symptoms for HG are the same but an old nemesis has decided to rear it's ugly head a little earlier for this pregnancy: SPD. (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction).  Basically my pelvic joints separate and it's horribly painful.  Some poor women are bed or chair bound by this, luckily for me I just can't raise my own legs past a certain point.  With Isabelle I didn't start to have symptoms until I was closer to the third trimester, but as with most things in subsequent pregnancies, things happen a little sooner.  My pregnancy waddle depends on how my hips are feeling that day but my movements these days definitely resemble those of a penguin.  A sleep aid has been added to the regimen, and as with Isabelle, I'm doing all I can to avoid pain medication.  I've already ordered a hip support belt and I'm hoping it works wonders (I just figure if I can avoid all things caffeine, etc. it's odd to muck it up with pain pills).

Isabelle is talking to her baby sister and at night time she's added Fiona into her bed time prayers.  She's very enthusiastic about her arrival and we are really trying to nurture that.  This little growing family of ours is really starting to take hold in all of our hearts. <3

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