Monday, September 17, 2012

19 weeks going to a WVU football game

19 weeks and 5 days and getting ready to head out the door to the WVU vs. JMU game.  Daddy and Muffin can both feel the baby move very well.  Our daughter's excitement about feeling the baby move was pretty hilarious, she's talking to the baby a lot now.  I'm feeling tons of movement but it's very different from what I felt for our daughter, she was a ninja in training while in the womb and this baby is more of a dancer.  I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions but nothing uncomfortable, they have started much earlier for this pregnancy.  The day this posts I'll be 20 weeks!!!  We have hit the half way mark!  Friday we have our 20 week anatomy scan and as long as this little munchkin cooperates we'll find out the gender!  I'm predicting another healthy sized babe simply because I'll feel movements under my ribs and then moments later feel some tap dancing very low. I'll do a full care update/rundown after we have our ultrasound on Friday.

On to the weekend events:

My husband grew up in West Virginia, and is a die hard WVU fan.  (If you've ever met a West Virginian, they are all die hard WVU fans and if you marry one, you'll become a fan too.  Love is a crazy thing ;-) ).  So naturally, we (all four of us) got dressed in our WVU best and went to the game against JMU at the Redskins stadium.

We stopped at Fridays for some chocolate milk and mozzarella sticks.

Go Mountaineers!
My sweet husband was practically beaming with pride that his family was dressed and cheering for his team.  We all had a great time, but we did learn the lesson that we need to adjust our tactics for college football games .  It was hard navigating through the rowdy intoxicated college kids.  But once seated everything was wonderful, the biggest hassle was actually getting in the stadium.  Baby girl had an awesome time, she loved that she didn't have to control the volume of her voice and really got into cheering.  She entertained an adorable elderly couple that sat in front of us, they just couldn't believe that she knew the cheers.  Corey took full credit for that.

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