Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Thing No One Talks About

You research everything before you have babies, most of the stats and numbers making you a nervous wreck.  I thought I had done this before our first born, but if I have learned anything it's that parenting is a never ending journey of learning.

I can honestly say that if our little girl was a boy I would have made a decision based on nothing more than what I thought should be done.  A permanent decision that I would have made without truly educating myself on the subject.

Now, I have a gut feeling this baby is a boy and the husband and I will be making an informed decision on what we feel is best for our potential son.

Every parent will have a million choices to make once their babe is born and everyone has a right to their personal preferences and beliefs.  But, would you change your mind if you were faced with information that isn't listed in the baby books?  We did.




Warning: The following links I actually started to weep.



It's a controversial subject and many people think we're extreme and don't agree and that's completely fine with me.  I can completely understand believing old wives tales because it's not a normal thing to research unless you're expecting. (And even then it's often not given a second thought- this was me for our first pregnancy).  I am also one of the people who (in the past) scoffed at a friends decision to leave their son whole.  I've been on both sides of this debate.  Peer pressure and pressures from family can be really tough, I can attest to that.  Just trust your gut and rely on your partner.  Do your own research and you'll make the decision that's right for your family either way, as long as you educate yourself before hand.

I found this link today (8/25/12) very helpful when considering a faith based decision.


  1. God bless you guys for researching this. I had a boy first and did what you thought you would had Isabelle been a boy...I handed him over for no other reason than "that's what people do." A lot of research and a few babies later, my 2nd and third boys are mercifully intact.

  2. I adore you for this comment. It may seem silly but although we know we are making the right decision for our family, I have yet to find someone who is supportive. So it's been a quiet choice since. So quiet in fact that I feel my true reason for this post is to ease the guilt of feeling like a hypocrite.


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