Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Things Accomplished at 14 weeks

Last week.  14 weeks pregnant.

 Baby girl is definitely a strong willed child, (I haven't a clue where she gets it from *sarcasm*) and has no problem objecting to having her picture taken.  The picture above is her waving her finger at Daddy saying "No cheeses, Daddy.  No cheeses."  But since this is a baby bump update, I will mention that I'm feeling some movement!

We made a trip to the children's museum and it was money well spent!  She absolutely loved everything but took special attention when we came to the arts and crafts room.
Milking a plastic life size cow.  Daddy was so proud of her "natural" farming talent.  We spent a lot of the ride home talking about cowgirls and cowboys.

Later, she was finally able to check out the grape vine that has been tempting her all summer.

Have I mentioned yet that my husband is an absolutely phenomenal photographer?

Despite the not so fun health stuff, life is pretty amazing for us right now.  I feel very blessed and I'm so deeply in love with our little family.  God is great.

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