Friday, August 31, 2012

Just a Little Love Letter.

My dearest love,

I'm so blessed to be sharing this journey with you.  I adore you.  Everyday you prove to me over and over that God is so carefully working in our lives.  My blessings as your wife and mother to our children fill my heart with joy.  When our family is struggling, you protect us and pour your love over us.  I admire your strength to carry our growing family and all of our needs on your shoulders.  So strong, steady, and hardworking, you are the keystone to the small niche in the world we are building.  I want you to know, I do see all that you do, even though you ask for no reward.  Your eagerness to serve our family humbles me daily. I'd marry you again tomorrow and a thousand times over.  Happy anniversary to my sweet man, I'm cherishing every moment.

Forever and always,

September 6th 2008

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