Monday, August 20, 2012

Favorite Things: Pregnancy

I'm joining in on all of the "favorite things" posts!  I'll do a few of these because they are pretty fun and will be fun to look back at in 10 years when everything I love I'm sure will seem so old fashioned.

My favorite things while pregnant:

  1. Leachco Snuggle body pillow deluxe
  2. Motherhood maternity underwear
  3. Hammock
  4. Sally Hansen french manicure nail polish
  5. Business of Being Born DVD
  6. Bio Oil
  7. Flintstones chew-able vitamins
  8. Sports Bras
  9. Target brand maternity clothes

  1. Leachco body pillow:  Mom got this for me when my belly started to get really large with Muffin.  It's amazing.  There have been plenty of times when Corey's back pain has flared and he borrowed it.  It gives ample support and makes it so you don't have to fight a million pillows.
  2. Maternity underwear:  Pregnant or not, just do yourself a favor and go buy some.  My favorite underwear, ever.
  3. Hammock:  I have a pretty fantastic doting husband and when I was pregnant with our little girl I begged for a hammock.  Once we made it out of the first trimester for this pregnancy, my sweet husband ordered what may be the most comfortable hammock on the planet.
  4. Sally Hansen french manicure polish: The ONLY time I have nice fingernails is when I'm expecting.  So naturally, it's the only time I actually showcase them.
  5. Business of Being Born: This DVD isn't for everyone, although I think everyone should see it.  But for me, it's a great reminder of why I make the choices I do when expecting, laboring, and delivering.  Corey has always backed my decisions, but since watching this together he understands why and acts as my advocate.
  6. Bio Oil: This is more towards the end of my pregnancy.  I will forever have a tiger stripped belly from stretch marks so I don't use it to hide them, I use it because at the very end of pregnancy my skin is so stretched and taut that it's itchy.  Bio Oil just lasts the longest for comfort. (My reality check moment: I actually thought I was going to escape my first pregnancy without stretch marks.  Then I woke up one morning a little over 8 months pregnant and literally out of the blue I didn't recognize my ridiculously marked belly- ha. what a foolish girl I was).
  7. Flintstones: The only vitamins I can keep down.* (*most of the time).
  8. Sports Bra: My boobs fluctuate like crazy, I quit fighting cup sizes.
  9.  Target maternity clothes: I've tried them all and these wash, wear, and are the most comfortable.

Coming soon: My favorite things: Newborn!

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