Thursday, August 23, 2012

Favorite Things: Newborn

  1. Bordeaux's All Natural Butt Paste
  2. Pack - n- Play (with elevated sleep surface)
  3. Wipe warmer
  4. Moby wrap
  5. 100% cotton flannel extra large receiving blankets
  6. Medela Freestyle breast pump
  7. Lanolin
  8. Mother's Milk Tea
  9. Boppy pillow
  10. Infant swing

  1. All Natural Butt Paste:  Simply the best diaper ointment out there.  We tried them all and this is by far the best!  And I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no excuse for diaper rash.  I am a well documented diaper changing fiend.  If your baby is wet, change them.  Guess what happens if you don't change them frequently enough? Yep, diaper rash.  Muffin never had it and I vow this baby won't have it either.  I've watched too many babies with it and it breaks my heart.  Stop being lazy and change your kids diaper.  Buy extra diapers and lots of ointment, change frequently. *steps down from soap box*
  2. Pack-n-play with sleeper:  Our cheaper version of a co-sleeper.  I would love love and Arm's Reach Co-sleeper, but I'm not about to shell out for a crib plus a co-sleeper.  I breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months so having the baby right next to me at night time is a must. (Not to mention wonderful<3)  I'm a strong believer in extended breastfeeding, keeping baby/toddler close makes this so much easier.
  3. Wipe warmer:  Seasoned moms can laugh all they want, every time my baby nurses at night, I change their diaper.  Newborns have a habit of tinkling when they eat and falling asleep during the burping process, so a wipe warmer to keep from startling a baby with a cold wipe is worth it to me.  (Again, you can probably file this under: Diaper changing fiend).
  4. Moby wrap:  I adore wearing my daughter.  I bought an expensive Boba carrier just so I can carry her now that she's a toddler.  Babies are meant to be next to Momma, it's been scientifically proven beneficial for both mom and baby.  (Not to mention it feels so absolutely wonderful).
  5. Extra large receiving blankets: Save your money on those expensive swaddler things in the store and just use a huge flannel receiving blanket.
  6. Medela pump:  It's expensive but you really get what you pay for here.  Pumping isn't fun and it's not the most comfortable even with the best pump money can buy.  So get the most effective one for your money.
  7. Lanolin: Yeah, if you're pumping, nursing, or both you'll need this.  A lot of this.  Lansinoh sells 100% pure lanolin completely safe for babes.  (Other brands have additives- I'd stick to the pure stuff).
  8. Mother's Milk Tea:  All natural tea that helps me keep my milk supply up.  Muffin was a really lazy nurser, constantly falling asleep at the breast.  She'd wake up and be hungry again in 15 minutes.  The child was affixed to my boob but because she wasn't eating full feedings it made my supply all wonky; the tea was a life saver.
  9. Boppy: Not always necessary but it can give you a more secure hold on the baby if you're super sleepy while nursing.
  10. Infant swing:  I don't really put babies placed in my arms down.  (You can ask family members, I'm not keen on sharing them either).  But when I do need to do something like shower or get something out of the oven, a swing comes in handy.
A lot of these fall under our attachment parenting style.  Just remembering all of the newborn moments with our little girl makes me so excited for this baby on the way!

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