Monday, November 12, 2012

Family Halloweekend - Part 1: Photo Edition

On the weekend of my hospital stay we also had family staying with us.  I'd much rather remember the weekend this way:

My husband Corey gets all of the photo credit.

Making pretzels with Nana

Tea time with Uncle Giant and Aunt Nana.  Isabelle chose the name Uncle Giant after hearing so many people call him by his nickname: Big in'

this is the only picture I get credit for.  Trust me, it's for the best.


  1. I love how HAPPY Isabelle looks....what an awesome environment! You can tell how important family is to y'all and I absolutely LOVE that!!!!

    1. <3 We really lucked out. And I really lucked out with the family I married into. We're loved and supported by some pretty awesome people!


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