Monday, July 25, 2011

This Weekend Together: Morgantown, WV

Godfather Joe and his little buddies
This past weekend we traveled to Morgantown, West Virginia for some time with friends and wedding festivities!  We stayed with one of my husband’s best friends, who is also Muffin’s Godfather, Joe.  He allowed Muffin full reign in the house and she made herself right at home.  And I have to say for being a bachelor, he is awesome with little tots! (Being a proud Godfather, uncle, and cousin to a few kiddos).
            Corey was able to visit not only with Joe but also with other friends who were in town to attend the wedding, and everyone was very kind and loving towards our darling girl.  She of course hammed it up as she usually does when given the opportunity and was enjoying all of her attention.
Luci and Nate's first dance
            When Saturday rolled around it was finally the wedding day for Joe’s sister, Luci.  The weather was hot and humid, but the reception was beautiful!  Luci looked amazing; especially for how hot I knew she had to be in her beautiful mermaid style gown.  It was simple country elegance laced with a laid back atmosphere that came effortlessly with all of the charming and loving people in attendance.  I enjoyed meeting people that I had connected with online but not yet in person and gasp drinking a beer! (Which was very liberating since I’m still nursing, felt a bit like underage drinking, ha).
            I don’t know how to express why this weekend was such a nice getaway but I’ll try.  It was an adult yet kid friendly weekend, I met some really sweet people as well as hanging out with old friends, it was laid back and comfortable and the last thing we worried about was scheduling events (even Muffin made up a more flexible weekend sleeping routine), and overall a breath of fresh air being around some really good people.
Did I mention that I got a little baby fix?
Muffin and I both made some new friends
Us at the wedding

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