Sunday, July 3, 2011

This Weekend Together: Luray Caverns

This weekend we went to Luray Caverns together.  We actually left the house thinking we were driving to the lake but on the way there we decided it would be better if we went to the caverns instead.  We didn’t know it until we pulled into the parking lot that it was packed (thanks to a bluegrass festival).  After getting our tickets, Corey, the dutiful daddy that he is, stood in line in the blazing sun holding our spot in the extremely long line while Muffin and I browsed the wonderfully air conditioned gift shops.  Skip to 45 minutes later and he was just entering under the covered portion of the waiting line and Muffin and I joined him.

Once we got into the cave we quickly realized that we were actually part of a huge herd of cattle.  It was cramped and Muffin was definitely aware of all of the unfamiliar bodies around us.  We made it about a quarter of a mile on the mile and quarter path through the caverns before we had a baby meltdown on our hands… well in the Moby wrap on my chest.  We managed to plow through the packed pathways and make our way out of the cavern, but not before we were able to take a few photos.

Even though we made a very rushed exit, we still managed to take pictures that will forever serve as memories.

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