Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family Romance

One of our first family photos. May 2010

I can count on my two hands the number of times Muffin has ever been watched by someone else.  It’s not that we don’t trust our family with her; it’s just that we enjoy her with us.  This is something that others around us see and struggle with.  How can we still be so madly in love with our child ever present?  How do we find time to enjoy each other and connect?  I think it really depends on the couple and what each individual’s idea of love is.

Let me tell you about a date we had:
We had a sunny Saturday together.  That perfect kind of sunny day, where the sun was warm and the breeze refreshing.  We decided to drive downtown and just stroll the cobblestone sidewalks and window shop.  We walked hand in hand, pointing out entertaining street art, and people watching.  He bought me a set of knitting needles I had been pining over in the yarn specialty shop.  I snuggled his arm as we walked together and chose a quiet place for an early dinner.  We settled on a restaurant with an outside view so we could enjoy the bright glow of sunset.  Helping each other sample our tasty dishes, we held hands, and stole little kisses here and there.  When the meal was over, we packed up our leftovers and headed home, chatting the whole way.
Romance can happen anytime.

            Now, is that any less romantic if I told you we had our toddler happily worn on my chest the whole time?  And to answer: no.
            We believe that as parents we are appointed examples for our children.  Functioning as husband and wife in front of your kids is just as important as teaching them manners.  Home is where your babies learn love and how to love.  We want to show our kids throughout their lives and throughout our marriage, what a healthy happy relationship looks like.  If they aren’t taught how to love, respect, and care at home, where will they learn it?  Who will be their examples?

Silly love is still sincere love.
            Our romance as a family is just as important as our romance as married couple.  We also enjoy our time together, just the two of us, after Muffin has gone to sleep.  We can watch awful television, have our adult conversations, and share our sometimes-scandalous sense of humor.  I think that’s it’s important to be able to find passion for each other whether alone as a pair or accompanied by a tot running around.

            Our decision to include our daughter in all we do was an effortless one.  It’s an easy fit with our love.  I’ve never felt closer to my husband, and we still snuggle, kiss, and flirt like teenagers.  Love is a language.  Learning how and when to communicate with each other has been our key to happiness and success.  Both as a family and as a couple.

The Simmons Family

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  1. Hi LeeAnne! I found your blog through your comment at Small Town Simplicity. You are so right, parents need to show each other love, respect and affection in front of their kids because that is how they will learn. Your daughter is lucky to have such a good example to look up to :)


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