Tuesday, April 29, 2014


She's toddling along now.  Bright shining eyes and big baby toothed grin, waddling toward me and pointing.  All while chanting "Urse? Uuurrse??"

Some people may say "when they are old enough to ask for it, they are too old".  But I simply disagree.  What a joy for a mother and baby to miss out on.  "Urse" is Fiona's way of asking to nurse.  She'll walk towards me with her chubby legged baby stomp of a walk, pointing and saying "Urse? Uuurse?"  And I melt.

How precious this time is.  How fleeting.  I won't be this needed again for a long time and as she grows, my methods of comforting her with a simple touch and without a word will be more difficult.  For right now, only I can fill that comforting need and I don't mind being on call to do so.

We'll leave out all of the overwhelming evidence supporting extended breastfeeding and just say this:  If it brings you both joy, comfort, and a stronger bond, then forget the rest and listen to your mothering heart.  You're far from alone.

I wish this kind of love for everyone.

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