Tuesday, April 29, 2014

She's One! *sniffle*

Happy birthday Fiona!!

My darling baby, you are a beautifully chubby, perfect girl.  I love every inch of your growing personality.  Every ounce of your spunk keeps me on my toes and giggling constantly.  You're strong, physically and emotionally, you know how hold your own, even with the big kids.

You stole my heart the moment I knew you were in my belly and again when you finally arrived Earthside and I saw every delicious roll and that gorgeous pout.

You are a treasure in our family.  A bright spark in any room.  We adore you.  You elevated Isabelle's status to "big sister", a title she thoroughly cherishes.  You are a blessing, a gift from God.

Happy birthday my darling Fiona!

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