Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Kiss Goodbye

Every morning without fail, after my husband's alarm clock sounds and he's brushed his teeth and dressed, he takes a moment, just a quick moment to kiss me goodbye.
A gentle nudge from him as he stands over my side of the bed and in a whisper and with a kiss, "Goodbye baby, I love you.  I'll see you soon."
Lately my nights after Isabelle's story book, prayers, and rocking her to sleep have been waking every hour for Fiona's diaper change, feeding, and burps.  All of this happens next to him, with the glow and static of Isabelle's baby monitor in his face, and sleeping on the edge of the bed.  My singing, cooing, and rocking Fiona goes on all night.  If I have to make a run to the restroom I can just pat his shoulder, prompting him to roll over and we'll exchange nods and he's holding her until I return.
And still, when his alarm rings before the sun rises, he's up and leaves me with a kiss.  Since Fiona's arrival *we* have been getting sweet face caresses and kisses good bye.
With a sweet toddler who no longer naps during the day and a darling nursling who is up often at night, I can't tell you how much this sets the tone for our day.  Rest or no rest, when we wake we know we're loved, cherished, and missed.
And so is Daddy.

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  1. Such a sweet post. You are so blessed my friend. :)


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