Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Weekend Together: Pumpkin Patches and Street Fairs

Fiona had a cozy wiggly weekend, we did lots of walking and I felt quiet a few flips (which is great because she was head up at our last ultrasound). 22 weeks and 5 days in this picture.

October is a time of pumpkin picking, decorating, and street fairs!  My personal favorite being the street fairs.  It felt a bit odd this year not having a booth but it was so nice to just stroll and actually shop.  The weather today was divine, 72 degrees and breezy. (Made all of the walking waddling a lot more enjoyable).  Tomorrow we'll be enjoying yet another craft fair, weather permitting.

Baby punkins were her favorite.  Anything "baby" seems to be the winning ticket these days.
We have been renovating in an attempt to get some projects done before winter and Fiona's arrival.  And if you're not familiar with renovating your home, when you start working on one room the construction mess trickles into other areas of the house.  We are currently at a stand still as we wait for new window treatments to arrive and to finish all of the trim work painting.  Because of the halted status of the house we are definitely making an effort to escape the chaos.

Wishing you a blessed weekend with loved ones!

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