Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Vacation Together: Corolla, North Carolina

A week of preparation paid off, when Corey got home from work on Thursday we packed up the car and hit the road.  Six hours later around 11 o’clock at night we pulled into the driveway of our vacation getaway.  This amazing vacation for us and for so many other members of our family gifted by Muffin’s Maw Maw and Grandpa.  Because of their generosity we are not only able to have an extraordinary family vacation but to make vacation memories with loved ones we aren’t able to see as often as we would like.

            Muffin was fearless.  Her first time at the beach and able to run, she headed straight for the water.  She was also a shelling pro, able to comb the beach for her perfect shell to carry the entire time.  After watching her older toddler cousin playing in the sand she quickly learned how to dig, rake, poke, and squish piles of sand under the cool shadow of the umbrella with attention and help of adoring family members.

            Most mornings there were usually sunrise strolls with those who were able to roll out of their comfy beds in the early hours.  Followed by groups pairing off, in different combinations each day, to explore all of the relaxing activities Outer Banks had to offer.  Corey was able to jet ski with his younger brother while Muffin, Nana, Grandpap, and I window-shopped and ate ice cream.  The next morning Grandpap and I joined the boys and went kayaking, navigating canals in the marsh while Muffin took a nap with her Nana.  Muffin also got lots of playtime with her Aunt Nana and Uncle, Maw Maw and Grandpa, and her little cousin and his daddy.

            Dinnertime was awesome and is always my favorite part of every vacation.  No matter how groups scattered during the day, when dinnertime rolled around everyone gathered, held hands, said grace, and ate together at the dinner table.  It really is our prefect escape, we get our quiet little family moments, but we also share the memories we make with other family members we miss throughout the year.  And for us that’s what vacation is really all about: family memories. 

The destination helps provide the setting, but the people you share it with and the memories you make are the real souvenirs that you’ll keep far longer than the magnet on the fridge.

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