Monday, September 26, 2011

Nanny Lee Anne

This summer we have been so blessed to welcome a new little best friend for Muffin into our home.  During the week I have been watching a close family friend’s little bundle, and boy oh boy, he is just the sweetest!  At first I have to admit, before he came into our home I was hesitant about watching another little one, for a list of reasons:

  • We never found the perfect fit.  It was an idea Corey and I had tossed back and forth but we had never found that perfect match for our Muffin to have in a daily play buddy.

  • How could I possibly give enough attention to both my baby and the baby I am watching?  This was a very real concern; I didn’t want to shortchange either child.

But here is what I realized:

  • We found a perfect fit, the parents, the baby, the baby’s age, their proximity to our house…perfect.

  • I quickly found that I had over thought the whole “giving enough attention” thing.  I have two arms.  And it just so happens that they can hold two babies if need be.  Plus I was amazed at how different the little man is compared to Muffin, he is so independent, already wanting to be on the go, sit up, and crawl.  If he’s not trying to work on his motor skills he’s in his swing, and completely content there.  (There was never a simple solution for Muffin, so I have daily moments of “so this is what an easily pleased baby is like”.)

  • I love babies.

  • Muffin needed the sibling practice.  Our new household catch phrase is “easy touch” and she usually pulls her hands away to repeat, “eee-see”.  We now know the term “share” and the question “is that yours?” which typically means: I saw you take that, now put/give it back.

  • I can still get things done.  Having a little helper who shadows me on my daily chore rounds and helps place dropped or just out of reach toys back in little man’s grasp is a big help too.  I actually have moments were both are sleeping and I can either go into cleaning or crafting overdrive. (Crafting usually wins).
Basically, what it boils down to is that two babies keep you busy, but reward you just the same.  I love being a nanny and Muffin loves the company.  We have hectic days and amazingly peaceful days.  I look forward to the awesome friendship these two will have.  Most of my best friends are the ones I have kept from childhood.   Plus, I get to love, cuddle, and spoil two babies, and what crazy person wouldn’t love that!?

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