Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Blog? Why Now?

I was chatting with my sweet husband, and he suggested:

“Why don’t you blog?”
“Why should I blog?  I don’t feel like I would be a very good writer”
“Well, I think you would enjoy it, you read them, you are always looking for other moms to chat and connect with.  I just think you would like it”

Now this conversation went on for a while, pros and cons of my blogging and things I would blog about.  And then it dawned on me that blogs can be about nothing or about everything.  And in that moment I decided to write about OUR everything.  I’m sure boring to some, interesting to few, but important to us.

One of my favorite forms of writing is in bullet form.  Blame it on a lifetime of note taking, but it’s simple to the point and it keeps me from rambling!


  • Community – I have joined numerous “Mommy sites”, I participate in a local Nursing Mothers Group, and I have a wonderful group of what I’ll call “Mommy Facebook friends” that I chit chat back and forth with.  But what I am REALLY searching for is a community of parents that revolve around a family oriented lifestyle like we do. (Particularly hard for me to find within my age group).
  •  Chronicle – I have a journal and baby book that I have always jotted things down in, messy, out of order scribbles that are about precious happenings and are in need of and deserve a tidy more thoughtful living space.
  • De-stress – (This is what I’m sure my husband will appreciate, although he is far too good to me to tell me this).  Ever need to just unload, vent , or release stress, somewhere? Anywhere?  Yeah, there will probably be a lot of that here.
  • Thinking on paper instead of out loud – any one who has met me will tell you I talk…. A lot.  So maybe, just maybe, this will help in that department. (Wishful thinking, but we’ll see).
  • Story telling – I come from a small family, before I was married of course, but at our largest we were 11 people.  Yep, 11.  So the one thing that we all share is story telling.  We love to retell events with loved ones and relive amazing memories.  It brings us closer.  Makes us appreciate time spent with loved ones, those with us, and those we will see again some day.
  • Rewriting- I mentioned I have a journal, more like unorganized thoughts and events, and I will be organizing that mess here. 
So read, share, follow, comment. <3

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