Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adventures in Diapering: Part One

Our Diapering Journey:

I’m a nut about dirty diapers, if I think it’s the slightest bit wet, it’s changed.  I have a real fear of diaper rash, I have watched other children before having my own and I have seen first hand how awful diaper rash is for little babes.  I was/am absolutely adamant about the fact that if my Muffin gets any kind of rash on her hiney, it would not be because she wasn’t changed and cleaned often enough.

We have sensitive skin, super sensitive skin!  My heritage is mostly Irish, leaving me with auburn hair, light eyes, and pale skin speckled with freckles.  My husband is handsomely tan, dark hair, brown eyes, and no freckles.  What we do both have in common is very finicky skin.  I react to certain detergents, soaps, and lotions and the hubby reacts to more environmental elements like pollen, mold, grass etc.  So Muffin didn’t have much of a chance.

In the hospital they gave us Pampers brand diapers and when we came home, thanks to the wonderful baby shower gifts from loved ones, we had other boxes of name brand diapers ready to go.  After trying what we had been given, we noticed what looked like acne on her bum!  I was crushed, I had literally been changing her diaper every thirty minutes with the exception of nighttime – every hour or so then.  I called my Mom crying first, (isn’t Mom always the go to with “HELP!?” questions?) and after explaining I was doing nothing wrong, she told me that she had the same problem with me when I was brand new.  I later called Muffin's Pediatrician and he reinforced what Mom had told me.  So what this led to was our scouring stores to try every brand and find one that works, we finally settled on a Huggies brand knock off that we could buy in bulk and haven’t had a skin irritation issue since.

But, after having lots of success with our store bought diapers, I started to dread how much we were spending.  (Admittedly probably more than what is normally spent because I am so annoyingly particular about diaper changes).  I also read that disposable diapers take anywhere from 300 to 500 years to decompose in landfills!  Given those two reasons plus her sensitive skin, I began exploring the world of cloth diapering…

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