Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Progress Update on Our Progress

Firstly, the girls got new flooring.  In a single weekend Corey with shifts of helpers (my Dad and Tony) ripped out the yucky old carpet and laid down cherry laminate floors.  With Corey and Isabelle being major allergy sufferers the flooring replacement was a major help!  (We are of course not sure if Fiona will have the same allergy issues, but we covered all the bases just in case).

Fiona's room during
Fiona's room after

Isabelle's room during.

Isabelle's room after
After the floors I was able to get to painting the wall accents.  Isabelle and I surfed Pinterest together and I told her to choose whichever room decorations she liked.  Consistently she chose very elegant, Parisian themed rooms with chandeliers, crystals, and lace.  Kind of shabby chic meets Paris.  Now, I'm still hashing out different ideas and she has some new furniture in the works but for now I at least finished the painted wall art.  I free handed everything except the birds, I asked Corey to cut two templates for me, one flying bird and one perched.  All I had to do was trace and then fill them in.  I really think they make the room!

A tall dresser will be going under this chandelier. And I know the color looks black but I promise it's a sweet plum color.

Birds free from the cage.

I had painted her framed name before she was born, all I did here was add a bird.

Now for Fiona's room....
Corey refused to paint the room pink and I didn't want to repeat the lilac color in Isabelle's room so we settled on a very vibrant blue. (Girls can have blue rooms too)!  Now since our first plannings of having another baby I knew I wanted to have Beatrix Potter themed nursery, thinking it would work for a boy or girl.  We have a fabulous specialty fabric shop about an hour from our home and I completely bought them out of all their Beatrix Potter fabric.  I still need to sew the bed linens, curtains, and baby blankets, but given the theme, I knew the wall art needed to look more like a page from a storybook.  So this is what came up with:

The background color of the walls is same throughout the room, these pictures were taken with my phone so the quality isn't the best.

No templates for Fiona's room, I just free handed it onto the wall.  I swear, if I tried to draw it on and then paint over it, it would be a shaky mess.
Please ignore the chaotic mess in the room.  We still need to paint all of the trim white (and do the same in Isabelle's room) but I knew if I waited another week to paint the murals I would only be another week more pregnant making the project too tiresome and my belly too big.
Sponging on the leaves.

My little helper.  I gave her a dry sponge and she went to town dabbing it all over the walls.  My little arts and crafts enthusiast.
Again, the camera isn't really picking up on the colors, there are 2 leaf colors and the soft pink flowers are also 2 layered colors.
The "crib" wall.

This needs some more work, I like the script, it's just not popping how I had hoped it would.  I'm trying to think of how I can make it stand out a bit more.  A darker pink maybe?
Tree behind the rocking chair/reading corner.  (This is the chair from Isabelle's room, we purchased a new rocker recliner for her I just haven't managed a picture of it yet).
There are 2 trees on the "crib" wall.  This is the corner tree.
I'm very happy with all we've been able to get done thus far.  My painting the walls was motivated by the fact that I wanted both of the girls to have something special from their Mama and because I refuse to pay an absurd about of money for wall decals.  My running list of things to get done before Fiona's arrival is slowly but surely getting ticked off, I think we'll be working right up until the finish line!


  1. I love the color in Fiona's room! I have had blue rooms since I was allowed to choose my own room color, and my sister once had lime green. :o) And, being artistically-challenged (and doomed to wall stickers), I super-admire your painting skills! Well done!

  2. Well thank you! I'm not all that talented at painting but it's easy to be brave when I know I have almost a gallon of paint to cover up any mess ups! I'm a big fan of the blue and before I painted the trees I took comfort in thinking if we were thrown a gender curve ball it would work out either way... not so much the case now.... ha.

  3. Lee Anne! The girls rooms look amazing!! You did such a great job! I love the color choice of Fionas room. You have probably already come up with a solutionf or her name, but maybe just outlining it with something darker? Even a paint pen would work great! The trees remind me of Isabells dresser. I sat in the hallway two weeks before giving birth sanding and painting this thrift store dresser I bought for $7. I then painted a giant tree on it and my husband helped me decorate it with surrounding bell flowers and of the best memories of my pregancy :) I never finished it! Also, love the birds in your Isabelles room.

    1. Thanks Mama! I think I'm going to paint over it and place it a little differently... maybe with a painted frame around it? I love the special projects for new arrivals. I like the idea of each child knowing we took the time to make them feel anticipated and loved. :-)


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