Monday, September 2, 2013

We're Home!!

We've done it finally!  We are moved in! Hallelujah!

After extensive renovations on our previous house and our now current home, we are finally settling in!  There is still plenty of unpacking to do but it's starting to feel homey again.

I had all but forgotten my laptop, using only my phone to do Facebook updates and such during all of this hustle and bustle.  To be honest my hands are feeling a little unfamiliar with the keyboard still.

In the time I've been away from my blog we have:
Renovated our old home and found renters.

Renovated our new home and moved all of our belongings into it.

Went on vacation less than a week after we moved in. (Crazy right?  I must admit, it was nice to be able to leave our mess behind and block out all of the work that lay ahead. )  We needed the break to spend every moment just being a family.

Isabelle wants to take a class for everything. "Ballet class" "Singing class"... gymnastics has started a snowball effect for recreational learning.

Fiona has a tooth!!  7 months old and has her first tooth. *sniffle* I feel like it's an end of an era.  Tooth number 2 is just under the surface. *sniffle*

Corey and I are soon to celebrate 5 years married!  So far we've had a large lobster boil to celebrate and when the actual day arrives maybe we can steal away for a date... who knows?

None of what we accomplished would be possible without family.  We are truly blessed with so many loved ones caring for us and giving us their time and energy.

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