Monday, March 11, 2013

Let It Snow!

Last week we had a lovely blizzard bring about 29 inches of snow to our area.  So much snow that it left many without power.  We were part of the group without power, we have the wood stove, yes, but my parents had power.  So off to Mimi and Papa's house we went!
Mom and Dad's

The back of the property.
Waiting patiently for me to pull her around the barn while I took this picture.

Snow angels!

I grew up here.  Lucky, I know.
Building our snowman family.

She kept sneaking off to eat snow.

Modeling her knit hat so very nicely. ;-)

Snowball throwing!

Our snowman family: Mama, Fiona on her hip, Daddy, and Isabelle in front.  Isabelle specified the placement of all the snowmen. "Isabelle, where should snowman Fiona go?" Isabelle, patting the mama snowman's hip "right here."

Bundled up but ready to go inside.

So tuckered out she crawled in bed with my dad, her "Papa" and fell  asleep straight away.

Papa had to go to work, and the rest of us were all so tired so Isabelle stayed asleep and the rest of us joined in on the rest.  My mom, "Mimi" snapped this one.

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  1. Looks like you guys really enjoyed the snow!! :D


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