Monday, April 2, 2012

Hey last frost, hurry up!

Just look at these guys! So ready to get their roots in some freshly laid soil.  I am also very ready to plant them and reclaim my crafting/sewing area (the dining room table).
So far:
I planted the seeds for the california wonder peppers too deep and it took them a while to surface.
My sweet peas have grown into one huge tangled vining mess, I failed to stake them in time.
The raised beds are packed full of fresh dirt!
The seedlings are crowded, but they are growing!  I plan on letting them get a little more established and then I'll replant them individually to harden before their final resting place in the garden. (I'm going to have an absurd amount of tomato plants, I'm planning on giving a lot of them away).
So far, we'll have cherry tomatoes, rutger tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, oh-boy tomatoes, sweet peas, and california wonder peppers.  Also on the agenda are cucumbers, sunflowers, zucchini,  and yellow squash.  Still contemplating adding to this list but I'm waiting for our garden center to get more seeds.
All said, I love seeing all of the progress!

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